From a materials science perspective, the oil and gas industry often sets the most demanding benchmarks with regards to performance, longevity and resistance to harsh chemicals and environments.

High-performance materials from Gharda plastics can help to tackle incredibly demanding industry issues and include materials technologies that have been formulated specifically to replace or enhance many metal parts with cost-effective alternatives; increase pump reliability and performance; reduce corrosion and erosion; improve performance and lower costs in sealing applications.

Gharda plastics are excellent for a wide spectrum of applications where thermal, chemical, and combustion properties are critical for performance. Major characteristics needed to meet the tough environmental demands of oil & gas applications are excellent flexural strength, impact and fatigue resistance, high heat resistance, and outstanding wear & abrasion resistance. Components machined from Gharda plastics are being used in applications ranging from downhole pump housings to off-shore drilling underwater couplings.

The oil and gas industry also benefits from the material science and innovation at Gharda, which fosters collaboration and expert applications development using durable materials to provide long lasting high performance in harsh operating environments, where it really matters. Through Gharda solutions for oil and gas, customers can help create more value through faster cycle times, higher throughput, reduced breakages, no leakage or contamination, reduced downtime, lower maintenance costs and higher overall productivity.

Gharda Plastics offer the Oil & Gas industry today's largest and highest performing portfolio of polymers: polyarylether ketones for longer lasting compressor valve plates, Polybenzimidazole for replacing metal in high-temperature friction and wear applications.

G-PAEKTM and GAZOLETM parts have a proven track record of success in pumps and other equipment for the chemical and hydrocarbon-processing industries and can deliver substantial improvements in pump reliability and energy efficiency at significantly less cost than currently available alternatives.

The products combine outstanding chemical resistance with low wear, low friction and extreme toughness, helping the parts to survive long duration run-dry conditions, cryogenic service from -100°C to "nonabrasive" high-temperature service at 288°C.

Key Features

  • High heat resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent hydrolysis data


  • Pump housing
  • Compressor parts
  • Valve parts
  • Tubing

We are committed to developing innovative and economically viable solutions for the need of your industries through novel technologies. Together we can find the right solutions to secure a stronger, smarter & safer future.

Contact us to learn how PEK, PEKK & PBI can be used to improve productivity with less maintenance.


Contact us to learn how PEK, PEKK & PBI can be used to improve productivity with less maintenance.

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Contact us to learn how PEK, PEKK & PBI can be used to improve productivity with less maintenance.