Gharda's G-PAEKTM Polyether Ketone film meets general requirements of a wide variety of industrial applications. It possesses unique characteristics of high tensile strength, high-wear tolerance, high-temperature tolerance, and anti-corrosion. PEK completely meets the industrial design requirement of modern consumer's electronics, while at the same time, has been a standard electrical insulation material.

Because of the excellent thermal, mechanical and chemical properties, PEK is always the best choice when specifying high performance polymer materials, especially for applications in electronic and integrated circuit industries that have strict materials specification. PEK is in the position of key materials, such as high temperature tape, IC passivation coating, LCD alignment layer, and insulated materials, etc...

Key Features
• High Temperature performance
• Excellent tribological properties
• Broad chemical resistance
• High strength & toughness
• Electrical stability
• Radiation resistance
• Low smoke & toxic gas emission
• Purity
• Composite adhesive films
• Submersible pump insulation
• Dry transformer insulation
• Flexible surface heaters
• Speaker cones and coils
• Oil field pipe flanges and gaskets
• Specialty laminates
• High temperature labels
• IC packaging (HDD) trays
• Gaskets

G-PAEKTM 1200G Standard melt flow for extrusion .

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