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Gharda Chemicals has pioneered manufacturing of ultra performance & high temperature resistant polymers in the world at competitive price, providing realistic platform for design & development by entrepreneurs, engineers and manufacturers to replace metals in demanding application. 

Polyether ketone (PEK) – G-PAEKTM
One of Gharda's most versatile materials, G-PAEKTM, is available in a variety of grades to suit your particular situation.

Polyether Ketone Ketone (PEKK) – GAPEKKTM
GAPEKKTM combines high temperature stability, strength, stiffness and ease of processing. PEKK has superior temperature resistance than other Ketone polymers (PEK & PEEK). It has excellent creep resistance, wear and radiation resistance and also inherent flame retardancy.

Polybenzimidazole (PBI) - GAZOLETM
GAZOLETMis based on Polybenzimidazole having semi crystline nature with high thermal and chemical resistance, non-flamability and has possibility of excelent film, fiber and membrane forming characterstics.

Key Features Typical Applications
Exceptional chemical resistance to organics, acids
    and bases
High mechanical strength in excess of 250°C (482°F)
Very good wear and abrasion resistance
Low CLTE and high limiting PV properties
Best-in class fatigue resistance
Excellent dimensional stability
Excellent resistance to hydrolysis in boiling water and
    superheated steam
Superior dielectric with low loss at high temperatures
    and frequencies
Ease of processing
High purity
Aircraft Hardware and fasteners
Aircraft mechanical components
Automotive electrical/electronic
Coatings, composites, additives
Wire and cable insulation
Semiconductor fabrication and testing
Medical devices
Dental cassettes and devices
Oil and gas process equipment
Bearing retainers
Thrust washers
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G-PAEKTM - Polyether Ketone
G-COATTM - Surface Coating of Polyether Ketone
Speciality Application
GAPEKKTM - Polyether Ketone Ketone
GAZOLETM - Polybenzimidazole
Industrial Transportation
Electricals & Electronics Alternative Energy
Oil & Gas Energy Aircraft & Aerospace
Medical Other Industries
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