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Emulsion Coating - 500

    G-COATTM 500 Series
(Liquid Dispersions Coatings) G-COATTM (Polyether Ketone) Emulsion Series liquid dispersions are available where thinner coatings are required, where difficult geometries must be coated, and in instances where enhanced properties such as release are required.

• One-Coat System
• High Temperature Performance up to 280°C
• Very good chemical and thermal resistance
• Excellent Abrasion Resistance
• Good Lubricity
• Optimum permeation resistance
• Excellent Radiation Resistance
• Very Good Barrier Properties
• Inherent flame retardant
• Low Moisture Absorption and
• Excellent Hydrolysis Resistance
• Good Electrical insulation Properties

Grades of G-COATTM 500 Series

G-COATTM 500 A pure G-COATTM dispersion with typical properties being very high continuous use temperature of 280°C (550°F), excellent wear, abrasion with very good chemical and excellent radiation resistance. Available in natural color, green & black.
G-COATTM 501 These grades have been specifically formulated to provide a resilient coating with varying levels of lubricant to give high wear and abrasion resistance combined
G-COATTM 501LT These grades have been specifically formulated to provide a high wear and abrasion resistance coating with excellent non-stick properties.

Typical Properties

G-COATTM coatings property comparison with Fluoropolymers coatings

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